Fathom Labs: Innovating Experiences, and the Technology behind them.

Our craft is where the arts converge with technology. Fathom Labs is the core of our research, development, and innovation pipeline that shapes how we operate events. Our proprietary technology platform allows us to be agile, flexible, move swiftly, and launch rapidly. Fathom has the ability to deploy experiences and brands from the ground-up; faster and better than any other production company.

The Fathom Platform.

Fathom has developed an extensive internal Technology Infrastructure & Content Management System which allows rapid development and deployment of content for our various brands. This technology allows us to publish and update websites and content on the fly from anywhere, including the production field.

Among the many powerful features, our infrastructure includes a proprietary system that uses algorithms and formulas to project and forecast ticket sales, we call this Mission Control. Our platform features an immediate communications system for customers, staff, volunteers, or potential ticket buyers. The Fathom Platform also allows us to publish open-access digital content guides and directories, allowing us to create and host smart-phone web apps and event guides for our participants, guests, volunteers, and staff.

Development Agency

The Fathom Platform powers our guest-focused technology. When coupled with our creative vocabularies, the platform has proven to be incredibly effective in how we communicate with guests, relaying immediate information, notices, and live changes to events. Our platform also serves as a home-base guide for guests and ticket holders. We utilize the same framework to create informational guides for our staff and volunteers- allowing them to learn and familiarize with our protocols and job duties for event day.

Mission Control

The Fathom Mission Control platform is a proprietary system that uses algorithms and formulas to project and forecast ticket sales based on a variety of variable inputs. We use Mission Control as a dashboard of sorts, to calculate attendance and consumables, such as concessions needs, merchandise needs, parking impact, and revenue projections. Mission Control allows us to more accurately place orders and project attendance data. And, as we capture more information from events as we move forward, our system is better able to make projections.

Fathom Deals

The Fathom Platform powers Fathom Deals, our mobile-focused social deal and discounted ticketing portal. Fathom Deals hosts social and time sensitive deals, in a similar way to how Groupon or Living Social did in their hay-day. We create and manage our various event and brand promotions in-house using the same proprietary platform that powers all of our brands. The system is integrated with advertisement APIs, including Facebook/Instagram and other platforms, encouraging social engagement and sharing. Fathom Deals is not openly available to the public except where promoted.