Fathom: New Mobile Guides for All Events.

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Newsroom | 0 comments

– – These new mobile guides will add new possibilities for immediate communication along with the other components of our Fathom Platform, including guest text messaging, and emergency preparedness.

Fathom has acquired and developed an extensive internal Technology Infrastructure & Content Management System (CMS) which allows rapid development and deployment of web based content for our brands. We call this the “Fathom Platform” and this allows us to publish and update websites and content on the fly from literally any location. Our infrastructure includes a proprietary system that uses algorithms and formulas to project and forecast ticket sales based on a variety of variable inputs (mission control).

Through our Platform, we have the ability to send immediate text messages to segmented lists of customers, staff, volunteers, or promotional links to potential ticket buyers that the system has captured information for. Our Fathom Platform also allows us to publish open-access digital content guides and directories, allowing us to create and host smartphone apps and event guides for our participants, guests, volunteers, and staff.

We utilize the same framework to create informational guides for our staff and volunteers- allowing them to learn and familiarize with our protocols and job duties for event day, and even double check their information while they are performing a certain task at the event.

The Mobile Guides have been beta tested in several Fathom series, including the Mud Challenger Adventure Running Series, and the Rave Night Run Tour.  We launched guides for participants, volunteers, and crew/staff at each of the events. Feedback has been 100% positive with great reviews.

For more information about the Fathom Platform, please contact info@new.fathompro.com